Tips for your kids first trip to the movies

Before you were promoted to being parents, deciding on a movie was like a breeze. Sometimes you might have even made a spontaneous choice to unwind at the theatre. But now, with a higher post, comes greater responsibility. Parents have to consider a lot of things before deciding on a movie with their kid. Let us discuss them now.

1. Ascertain the right age to take them to a multiplex –

The right age really varies from child to child. Some parents take their child to the theatres at ages between 3 and 4 years. Others wait for a bit longer and for them to grow up to be 5, especially if they are scared of darkness or sensitive to loud noises. Some parents, even though the child may not be too sensitive, carry cotton ear buds to plug into the child’s ears to protect them from damage.

2. Select an apt movie –

Of course, you have to choose a kids-friendly movie which can be animated or a normal one, but the plot must not be too complex. It’s also best to avoid a scary or a 3D movie because a 3D movie can tend to cause a headache not just to children, but even adults. Hence, to ensure that your child has a memorable first experience the theatres, go for a happy-go-lucky movie that the kids can laugh at 

3. Length of the movie –

No matter what the length of the movie is or how interesting it is, a 5 year child will not be able to sit still for more than 30 minutes. Hence you will need to take them for a stroll or a bathroom break when they feel impatient, so they can stretch their legs. However, it is best to not opt for a movie more than a 100 minutes including the interval.

4. Go with the flow –

It’s perfectly fine to skip a movie from the middle if you have chosen to be a parent of a child! Yes you would hate to walk out of a movie in the middle, especially if you have liked it, but there is no other go. You will definitely have company of parents leaving a theatre with their crying or screaming child. Avoid confronting them in such situations and go with the flow, so that your child doesn’t hesitate in going for another movie with you. Maybe you can take another chance after a couple of months.


5. Load up on nutritional snacks –

There are various food and drink options available at multiplexes, but the unhealthy ones must not be encouraged for your child for known reasons. Popcorn would be the safest of the lot and if possible, pack something nutritious for the child to munch on during the movie.

6. Showtime of the movie –

For the best movie experience with your child, choose to buy tickets for a morning, afternoon or a matinee show because they are usually at their best during day times. Also, fix up on what you are going to buy them at the theatre, in advance, so that you don’t waste energy and time negotiating at the theatre, where it is going to be super crowded during the interval.


7. Seating options –

The most comfortable seats for you to watch a movie with your little one will be the from the aisle side, because you may have to get up time and again to step out of the screening area when your child gets impatient or cranky and when in need of a short bathroom break. If you select seats near the wall or on the other end of the aisle, you will obviously end up disturbing the entire line of movie viewers while walking out. You don’t want people looking at you with irritated eyes, do you? So, aisle is the best option of seats for parents with little kids.

8. Practice whispering at home with the child –

It’s going to be very boring and sometimes confusing for the child to watch a movie silently and not understanding the scenes because of fast dialogue delivery. At those times, it really helps them when the parents explain to them what is happening in the movie. Now, the theatre is a public space with many fellow watchers. So it is imperative to let your child know in advance, that he absolutely cannot shout or talk loudly when the movie is going on. We need to teach them how to speak softly rather, how to whisper into mum’s or dad’s ears so as to not create a scene there.

With these tips, you can now look forward to having a fun time with your kid at the movies!

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