Daddy, it’s your turn to bond with your little one!

Bonding with kids is a special feeling and a great way to de stress for every parent.  While the emotional bonding with kids comes naturally, sometimes as parents we feel the need to bond with kids in a fun way so as to build a friendly relationship.  This relationship that one builds at the early stage goes a long way as the kids grow.  While moms naturally bond with kids because of their ability to show love and affection explicitly, dads sometimes feel left out.  However, as parenting is evolving the new age dads are also relooking their roles in the family transforming from a mere family bread winner to a friendly family support system.  The new age dads are more involved in the upbringing of children and really help out moms in sharing the responsibility of kids.

Here are some simple ways dads can bond with little ones and to make parenting and growing up a fun and special journey for you and your child.

  • Hugs and kisses: Most Indian men as fathers are not very expressive, not because they don’t love their kids but only because they as kids were never exposed to simple ways of showing love from their fathers. A loving Touch from parents is very important for child to grow up with confidence and security.  While moms are more frequent in showering children with hugs and kisses, dads doing the same makes a child feel very secured and protected.  A warm hug from a dad makes the child see the friend and confidant in the parent which is an important foundation of father – child relationship in the growing years.

  • Tell a tale: Cook up a tale or read out a story from your little one’s favourite bedtime story book, and do it everynight.  Sometimes the imaginary world kids take us into can be really de-stressing and you would soon see yourself looking forward to the story time just to relax and unwind from your busy schedule along with your kid.
  • Catch a movie: Let your wife go for a pedicure, while you and the little one can catch up a movie of his choice.  Animated movies, car movies whatever your kid likes, just make that your choice for one weekend too and you would be surprised how much you enjoyed it only because of the company and of course for the smile on that little one’s face.

  • Get your hands dirty: Sometimes to be a fun dad you need to become a kid yourself. If your child loves to play in the sand, go ahead and getting digging yourself.  You have no idea how special it is for your child to play his favorite game with you.  And yes you can be happy that you managed to entertain your little one away from the video games or the television.

  • Plan a sport with them:These days most parents complain about their kids spending a lot of time on electronic mediums of entertainment such as tablets, mobiles and television rather than playing engaging games. Somewhere we as parents are responsible for this change that is becoming a harmful lifestyle for our kids.  As a dad, you can make a big difference for your child by engaging your little one into a sport such as swimming, tennis, football, soccer etc.  This not only brings about a healthy change for you and your child but also increases the bonding and the fun element in your relationship.
  • Be silly:As a father to your little one you do have a serious responsibility to discipline your child, but that does not mean you can’t have a fun side. It’s ok for dads to be funny and silly sometimes, it only makes you a more approachable dad compared to the stern face dad your kid is more used to seeing.  Break your own rules once in a way, for instance, grabbing a late night ice cream after dinner.  Showing your fun side will help your kids understand you better and respect your rules rather than having them enforced upon them.

  • Help him with failures: Failures are a very big milestone of growing up for kids and it’s in these times when child-parent relationships are put to test.  Every dad is around his/her child when it comes to celebrating their success but being the dad who can help a child cope with his failure is rather rare but very important. If you want your child to have a transparent and open relationship with you, it’s very crucial that you are around them when they need you to face their failures.

Sometimes it is very important to show emotions and that holds very true and valid incase of young and growing up children.  Love, affection that you show reassures them of the important role you play in their life making you an integral part of their growing up they can always fall back on.

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