10 Superb Ideas on How to Add a Special Touch to Your Kid’s Birthday

There’s a huge difference between celebrating a grown up’s birthday and a kid’s birthday! The best and the most interesting fact is that kids can be delighted to their fullest with simple creative ideas. Unlimited fun, lots of laughter and numerous ripples of excitement are some of the many happy expressions that we want to see on our kid’s face, especially on his or her birthday! So prepare for a cool birthday party for your kid but at the same time, also follow these simple changes and creative activities that can definitely make this special day, even more special!

  1. Go for a Birthday Countdown – Prepare a cute chart or wall sticker with dates on it. Mark the special birthday date and ask your kids to start the countdown when around 15 or 20 days are left for the special day to arrive. Let your birthday boy or girl cross one day every day. Let them weave their own dreams! Let the excitement bubble up more and in the meanwhile, you observe your cute ones’ desperation & happiness for their birthday!


  1. Small Changes in Everyday Activities – Prepare for your kid’s birthday in advance! Just replace most of the everyday items with new things. Buy a new toothbrush, a new comb, new bed sheet & pillow cover, a special eating plate and other things. On the special day, when your kid will get up, he will be amused to find everything new! Arranging for such things is easier and cheap but the marvelous effect these little things bring is really unimaginable and priceless!
  1. Pamper Kids as King & Queen – Make a golden or silver crown at home. Also, make an interesting wand. Next, decorate a simple chair in the way that it looks like a very special chair! The idea is to make your birthday kid feel like a King or Queen. After all, it’s their day and so they have the right to feel special and authoritative! Let them wear the crown, hold the wand, sit on the special chair and place an order for their favorite breakfast!


  1. Play Special VideosMemories are the footprints on sand of time! Rewind and replay the magical moments of past by playing the videos of previous birthdaysor the day when your loved one was born and brought at home. We bet, you might fall short of answers but your little prince or princess will not be exhausted to ask cute innocent questions like, “Mama, was I that small?” or ‘Mama, did I go to school even on that day?”
  1. Measure Your Birthday Kid’s Height – Make it a trend to measure your child’s height on his birthday. The growing height will not only make him feel more confident but will also provide you the opportunity to encourage him or her to eat healthy things.


  1. Dress Up Like His Favorite Superhero – This one is my favorite! Which is your kid’s favorite superhero? Does your little prince dream of meeting Spiderman someday or is it Barbie doll with whom your own Cinderella wants to shake hands one day? The point is to dress up like your kid’s favorite character and surprise them. Most importantly, do not let your birthday kid know that it’s actually you! 


  1. Let Everyone Narrate a Special Story about Your Kid – So you have thrown an evening birthday party for your baby and now you are wondering what to do in the noon time! Well, ask your family members to tell short stories related to your birthday girl or boy! For example, let them tell how she used to look like when she was born or what she used to do when she was just 2 years old and interesting incidents like that.
  1. Treasure Hunt for the Special Gift – We all plan for that special birthday gift for our kid! But present it in a different way this year! Make clues for the gift and let your kid find it! This treasure hunt will make him curious, excited and happy too!
  1. Gifts for the Poor & Needy Kids – All of us give ‘return gifts’ to our birthday kid’s friends! This year, save these gifts for the poor and needy children. Let your kid hand over these small return-gifts to the deprived children. Believe me, this gesture will ignite something very positive in your little one’s innocent mind.


  1. Thanking God for the Happy Day–When the birthday party is over and the gifts have been unwrapped, call everyone and sit down together. Tell your birthday boy/girl and everyone else that it’s now time to thank God for the happy and prosperous day that He presented us! Thank God in simple words so that even your little ones understand!

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